How do I add a Conference or Workshop I am attending?

  1. Accept the email invitation received from your Event planner. Q2Connect allows your Event planner to invite only those attending to benefit from the networking platform or
  2. Search for your Conference or Workshop and add to your Q2Connect events.

I am traveling to the Conference or Workshop. How do I add my Flights and Hotel stay to network with other travelers?

Once you log into Q2Connect, select “Traveling” and your dashboard will allow you to add your Flights or Hotel stay. Simple and easy to use. Search | Select | Save

Are my travel plans/itinerary and events displayed for everyone to see?

NO. We link your individual travel events such as flights to other users. You CANNOT see for any user all their upcoming events. You might notice the same user on your flight, at your hotel and return flight but that is because you are being linked to a user with the same events.

Are all my personal details displayed for everyone to see?

NO. Q2Connect does NOT display your full name or personal profile information on public pages. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

How do I add my workshop or conference I am hosting and invite everyone attending to use Q2Connect?

  1. Join for FREE
  2. Select “Hosting” an Event
  3. If you are hosting an Event on behalf of a business, create a business page so all future Events are displayed under your business and easier for your members to find
  4. Add your Event completing as many fields such as date, time, venue
  5. Import a CSV file of email addresses for everyone registered for your event and invite them
  6. Prepare your surveys, alerts and updates to meet everyone’s expectations

Can I add as many flights and events each year?

Yes. We encourage you to use Q2Connect as much as possible. It is an event based social networking site for the decisions you make

Can I sign up for FREE?

Yes. You can create your individual or business profile for FREE. You can add your events for FREE. Based on your events you can search other users for FREE. Invite them for FREE. Send emails and chat online for FREE.

We have premium packages available also. Please look at our upgrade options with so many additional benefits and stand out from the crowd

What happens if I breach the terms and conditions?

If you are blocked from use of this site, you will lose all benefits linked to your account. If you are a premium user your account is suspended and no amounts are refundable. Refer to the terms and conditions for use of this website.

Safety tips

NEVER tell anyone your financial or bank details in a chat/email

NEVER tell anyone your home address or personal information

We recommend you keep your correspondence within our system until you feel comfortable to share your personal email address

Be suspicious if someone immediately wants to take the conversation off the site

Q2Connect is a social networking site. You must at all times be discreet and cautious in what you say and if you are arranging to meet any users.

Report any users to Q2Connect where appropriate. Q2Connect does NOT verify or check any users or events for accuracy or validity

Q2Connect is all about having a fun experience by meeting new friends. If anyone makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, report or block them immediately

Be aware of scammers