Travel Insurance – what you need to know

With so much currently happening in the world you cannot go on a holiday without considering travel insurance. Yet it still surprises us how many people don’t consider travel insurance. Does this sound familiar? “Oh it won’t happen to me!” “My flight won’t get cancelled or delayed.” “I’ve traveled there before and I didn’t get sick.” On the flip side you have the travelers who make sure that travel insurance is arranged immediately as part… Read More »

Are conferences worth attending?

Are conferences or seminars value for money and a great way to network? How many emails have you received this week inviting you to attend a conference, seminar or corporate workshop? Most professions require you to maintain and develop new skills with constant changes to industry regulations and rules. In addition to trying to keep up with the rapid change in technology. The decision to attend a particular event against another is quite often simple…. Read More »

What are you saving for?

Let me reflect on my week – countless numbers of meetings, emails, phone calls, constant interruptions, late lunches and let’s not forget the stress of getting to and from work I forgot to mention trying to maintain a balance outside of work with our partners, family and friends. So why do I still have a smile on my face? Because I am one of the 44% of Australians that is saving to go on a… Read More »

True or False – A Windowless Plane?

  The idea for the windowless plane comes from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), an organisation that works with companies to develop new products. It imagines how lightweight displays could form the inside of the fuselage, displaying images of the exterior from cameras mounted on the plane‚Äôs exterior. So we no longer need to put in special requests for window or aisle seats as everyone will benefit from this innovative technology. We used to… Read More »

Free Things To Do On Holiday In 2015

Everyone enjoys the free things in life. Especially on holidays. Yes or No?   When you go on holiday, for most people, it involves a lot of planning and saving. Understandably you want to make the most of the trip. You want to come back with the most amazing memories and experiences without a huge credit card bill waiting for you. Thanks to Lonely Planet here is a list of The Best Free Things To… Read More »

7.3 Billion Air Travel Passengers Forecasted

International Air Transport Association (IATA) released it’s first 20 year passenger growth forecast.   Forecasted to reach 7.3 billion passengers by 2034. It’s encouraging news for the airline, hotel and overall travel industry. According to IATA by 2034 the five fastest-increasing markets in terms of additional passengers per year will be China (856 million new passengers per year), the US (559 million), India (266 million), Indonesia (183 million) and Brazil (170 million). This is great… Read More »

How To Make Your Event a Success

People register for your events such as conferences, workshops and seminars. Are you offering them social networking options? Or Do you only give them a name tag? Want to have a successful event? Follow these 3 steps and watch this video now 3 Simple Steps Watch this 2 minute video now Create unlimited events (conference/workshop/seminar) for FREE Congratulations you will now have more people attending your event – enjoy the video!!  

Travelling Alone Tips

More than ever people are travelling alone. The demands for work require many of us to travel far and wide and quite often alone. However, there are many options available for you to connect online in private and then meet up as friends. People love to use social networking when travelling. Blogs, forums and other ways to find out about their destinations. Q2Connect is a unique social networking site that will connect you when travelling… Read More »